PJS Electric, Inc.

W-32560Police Radio System Enhancement$11,725,000 NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITYCurrent
C-348473 Bus Depot Fire Alarm Replacement$11,374,000 NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITYCurrent
Q392-210MAIdlewild Park Nature Center$611,000 NYCDPR c/o PAUL J SCARIANO, INC.Current
2755609999-CR53Queens College Armstrong Museum$2,125,000 DASNY c/o PAUL J. SCARIANO, INC.Current
W-320801Integrated Service Information & Management (ISIM)$15,100,000 MTA-NYCTACurrent
East Side Access DAS – Concourse and Caverns$15,224,000 BOINGO WIRELESSCurrent
C-52141Furnish and Install Electronic Security Systems at Columbus Station Complex$3,969,000 MTA-NYCTACurrent
CM-030Design Build services for Passenger Experience and Finish Detailing of East Side Access Project$8,010,000 MTA-NYCTA c/o PAUL J. SCARIANO, INC.Current
Verizon 1095Local Law 26 Upgrades at 1095 Avenue of the Americas – Verizon$3,400,000 TISHMAN INTERIORS11/30/19
B-62022JFK & Spring Creek Bus Depot Security Upgrades$7,448,000 NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY9/30/19
JFK-124.013Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA),$2,707,000 PANY&NJ7/31/19
Verizon 193 Manhattan AveLocal Law 26 Upgrades at 193 Manhattan Avenue – Verizon$1,853,220 TISHMAN INTERIORS3/31/19
JFK1050Replacement of Fire Alarm System at Air Control Tower$2,137,550 PANY&NJ12/31/18
Verizon Pearl StLocal Law 26 Upgrades at Pearl Street – Verizon$1,106,000 TISHMAN INTERIORS12/31/18
FEMA 4085 DR-NY 04540Coler Hospital – Electrical Upgrades$3,748,325 TDX c/o PAUL J. SCARIANO, INC.9/30/18
JFK-964.201Access and Safety Improvement at Building #161 (Fire Pump Station),$1,573,000 PANY&NJ8/31/18
Verizon 38th StLocal Law 26 Upgrades at Verizon 38th Street$3,500,000 VERIZON c/o TISHMAN INTERIORS12/31/17
Ferry Terminal Upland Work$3,418,000 NYCEDC / SKANSKA12/26/17
Verizon 37th StLocal Law 26 Upgrades at Verizon 37th Street$3,140,000 VERIZON c/o TISHMAN INTERIORS11/30/17
Grand Central DAS Project$13,379,000 ERICSSON INC11/15/17
Grand Central Station Center$3,296,000 ERICSSON INC5/31/17
D262798ITS Truck Intrusion Warning System$1,501,842 NYS DOT11/30/16
C-40203F & I Emergency Generators at Various MTABC Bus Depots, Queens, Bronx And Yonkers$7,600,000 NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY10/31/16
HH-88AHenry Hudson Bridge Administration Building$5,100,000 MTA-TBTA10/31/16
MF-100.511.28JFK International Airport Security System Infrastructure$2,365,425 PANY&NJ7/31/16
MF-100.511.27CCTV Camera System Upgrade & Replacement at Staten Island Bridges$3,834,168 PANY&NJ / TISHMAN TECH1/31/16
B-26009Security Upgrade Eastchester and LaGuardia Bus Depots$1,690,393 NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY12/31/15
PS-232Orchard Beach Pump Station$550,000 NYC DEP12/31/15
P-36418Rehabilitation of Two Circuit Breaker Houses No. 74 & 74A$3,424,807 NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY6/30/15
WTC-324.359.03WTC Tower 4 – Furnish & Install Street Sidewalk Surfaces Incl. Paving, Bollards, Lighting, Hydrants$1,616,743 PANY&NJ12/31/14
A-36041F & I Three ADA Elevators at The Kingsbridge Road Station. Rehabilitation of Existing Station.$2,592,418 NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY10/31/14
4380014Bush Terminal Site Development w/ Substation, Utilities, Comfort Station, Path, Lights, Fields$1,136,549 NYCEDC8/31/14
C-40646Electronic Security Systems at College Point Bus Depot, Queens$1,921,575 NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY12/31/13
MF100.511.5PATH 33rd Street Station Access Control & CCTV System Upgrade$1,119,613 PANY&NJ / TISHMAN TECH10/31/13
PO-83Sharon BNR$5,825,000 NYC DEP6/30/13
MTA 5 StationsFt. Hamilton Parkway/West End 5 Stations$9,832,685 NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY12/31/12
LaGuardia Air Traffic Control Tower Demo$1,600,000 FAA3/31/12
P-36422Construction of A Circuit Breaker House$1,795,000 NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY10/31/11
JFK-916 Building #161, Fire Pump Station Rehabilitation$780,000 PANY & NJ c/o JOHN P PICONE, INC.6/30/11
MF-100.509 WO13Lincoln Tunnel CCTV & Video Analytics$800,000 PANY&NJ / TISHMAN TECH3/15/11
SC1-ENYC Dept Spring Creek WPCP Electrical Upgrade – All Systems$9,490,000 NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC10/15/10
WI-74E Wards Island WPCP-Gas Detection, Pump, And Lighting System Upgrade$9,452,570 NYC DEP10/15/10
FAA LGA PIERRehabilitation of Electrical Systems on Runway Pier$1,200,000 FAA10/15/10
PW-054NYC – DEP WPCP Water Samplers$2,706,300 NYC DEP3/31/10
Various LGA & JFKInstall All Power & Technology for Perimeter Hardening For 11 Guard Posts at JFK & LGA$3,600,000 PANY&NJ / Various12/31/09
LIDSLaser Intrusion Detection Systems For 3 Path Stations via Path Network$2,200,000 PANY&NJ c/o TISHMAN CONST12/31/09
JFK-963Taxi Hold Improvements-License Plate Recognition System Infrastructure & Technology System$800,000 PANY&NJ12/31/09
PATH- 214.002Rehabilitation of Plaza Lighting$680,000 PANY&NJ12/31/09
SC1-GInstrumentation and Process Control Work$750,000 NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC9/30/09
TEDSTemp Event Detection System – CCTV & Other Detection Systems in Path Tunnels Via Path Network$5,000,000 PANY&NJ c/o TISHMAN CONST7/30/09
JFK-966Cargo Pad ‘C’ 5kv Upgrade$578,000 PA OF NY & NJ6/30/09
PO-083EWards Island Enhanced Nutrient Removal Studies – Sharon Facilities$3,574,205 NYC DEP6/15/09
800 MHZ RBS800 MHz Radio Backup Antenna System for Path Security System$500,000 PANY&NJ c/o TISHMAN CONST5/15/09
PW-054WPCP Water Samplers$2,769,000 NYC DEP4/30/09
HHC Elevator$595,909 HHC12/31/08
SC1-EWPCP Electrical Upgrade$9,490,000 NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC3/15/06
SC1-GInstrumentation & Power Work$750,000 NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC3/15/06
HP-1GInstall Power & Comm Duct Banks and Install Instrument, Gas Detection, and Security Systems$7,840,000 NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC10/15/05
E-3127713th Street Fan Plant Power, Lighting, Control, Communication$3,990,000 NYCT c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC6/30/05
BB-57EInstall Power & Comm Duct Banks and Install Power, Control, and Instrumentation in Tunnels$1,585,000 NYC DEP c/oÊEJ ELECTRIC6/15/05
JFK-892Construction of Power, Control, & Lighting for Fuel Filter Station A & D at JFK Bulk Fuel Farm East$190,000 PANY & NJ c/o PAUL J SCARIANO, INC.3/31/05
545A, B, CPower & Control for Water Distribution Shafts$3,700,000 NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC2/15/05
JFK-134.217Long Term and Employee Parking Lots Lighting, Traffic, and Power$4,014,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK12/31/04
WI-78GInstrumentation & Power Work$591,000 NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC7/15/04
JFK-871MODS to FAA 15kv Gear atÊÊSwitch House # 1$555,000 PA OF NY & NJ5/30/04
PAT-684.014Construct Substation and Ventilation System$2,335,000 PATH c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC4/30/04
DTFAEA 03P 01512LaGuardia Localizer Ground System Upgrade$22,000 FAA1/15/04
GWB-462Construct Electrical System and Lighting for Boat Navigation System$175,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK8/30/03
PAT-624.017HobokenÊTerminal Power & Control for Station Ventilation & Electrical Substation$925,000 PATH c/o PAUL J SCARIANO, INC.5/30/03
LGA-124.112Marine Air Terminal Frontage Improvement Water, Main Sewer, Lighting, Road Construction, Signs$100,000 PANY & NJ c/o PAUL J SCARIANO, INC.4/1/03
HBX1148-RSwing Bridge Power, Lighting, and Traffic Control$85,000 NYC DEP c/o JOHN P PICONE, INC5/31/02
LGA-920.090Foam System Smoke Detection Improvements$20,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK4/30/02
SM-140Docking Facility Lighting, Power, and Cathodic Protection Work$250,000 NYC DEP c/o JOHN P PICONE, INC2/28/02
JFK-901.926Runway Lighting and Irrigation System Power and Controls$360,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK12/31/01
26 WARDPower & Controls for Interim Pump Station Pumping Equipment$235,000 NYC DEP c/o JOHN P PICONE, INC12/31/01
C-33245Construct Circuit Breaker House, Signal Room, All DC Power, Control, & Signal Systems$950,000 NYCT c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC7/30/01
JFK-888Power & Fiberoptic Controls for Buckeye Pipeline Valve Control System$350,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK6/30/01
AMTRAKCooling Tower Power & Control Systems$175,000 AMTRAK c/o RICHARDS P&H6/30/01
JFK-855Construction of Power, Control, & Lighting for Fuel Filter Station B at JFK Bulk Fuel Farm East$850,000 PANY & NJ c/o PAUL J SCARIANO, INC.8/30/00
MD TERM. 6Terminal 6ÊJFKÊAirport Loading Dock & Parking Facility Lighting, Elevator Power, & Traffic Controls$100,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK7/31/00
HRYVHarlem RiverÊYard, Construction of Electrical Substation for Tenant Power Distribution$150,000 HARLEM RIVER YARD VENTURE INC5/31/00
JFK-991.905Helipad Landing Lights and Obstruction Lights$115,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK5/31/00
LGA-124.068Runway Pier Deck Cathodic Protection Systems$150,000 PANY & NJ c/o JOHN P PICONE, INC.4/30/00
PS-101-27-SPower & Controls for Interim Pump Station Pumping Equipment$90,000 NYC DEP c/o JOHN P PICONE, INC2/28/00
LGA-631Architectural Lighting and Traffic Controls$65,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK12/31/99
USMMADock Power and Lighting$40,000 USMMA c/o JOHN P PICONE, INC12/31/99
HT-224.010VentilationÊBldgÊSanitary Sewer Connections – Furnish & Install All Power, Controls & Heat Trace$1,000,000 PANY&NJ c/o RICHARDS P&H2/2/99
JFK-134.137Power, Control & Lighting forÊTruck Parking Lot Guard Booth Site Lighting, & Fuel Pumping System$300,000 PANY & NJ c/o NY PAVING INC1/30/99
MN-9264Grand Central Terminal – Construct Meter House Power and Lighting$75,000 MNR c/o RICHARDS P & H12/31/98
LT-424LincolnÊTunnel Soap Solution System$75,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK12/31/98
HT-392HollandÊTunnel Soap Solution System$65,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK12/31/98
JFK-584.009American Airlines Intersection Improvements – Install Curb, Sidewalk, Guard Rail, Traffic Control$25,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK12/31/98
LGA-630Parking Lot 10EÊTraffic LaneÊImprovements & Guard Booth – Install All Electrical Equipment$25,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK8/15/98
C-34381Sound Powered Telephone System and Fire Standpipe Hose Bib Excavation & Restoration$215,000 NYCT c/o RICHARDS P & H6/30/98
LT-436Waste Storage Facilities – Power and Communication Systems$60,000 PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK2/15/98


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